OsteriaBucio [オステリアブーチョ] | マンマのイタリア家庭料理

Take-out lunch at the DELI.
Bucio Deli

Reservation required.
Oitalian lunch boxes, Oitalian catering etc. can be organised in advance.
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Have a casual drink at the BAR.
Lunch & Dinner
Bucio Food & Bar

Lunch 11:20-15:00 (14:00 last order)
Dinner 18:00-23:00 (22:00 last order)
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Parties & Events
Parties & Events

We can organise birthday parties, bridal parties, cooking seminars, or cater to any other functions that you would like. Our function room can cater up to 40 people.
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Healthy Oitalian style dishes made with love.
Reservation required.

Rice dishes
Lunch boxes
Italian fresh olive oil
Ladies healthy lunch box
Marinated olives
Baked apples
Devil-style roast chicken
Shrimps with garlic & lemon
Peppers stuffed with pork
Herb-crumbed beltfish
Olive-stuffed tomatoes
Crumbed vegetables
Capriciosa salad
Spiced lamb stew
Paper-baked vegetables
Bagna-cauda salad
Caprese salad
Roast potatoes

※Our dishes are seasonal and change according to available produce.


Lunch 11:20-15:00 (14:00 last order)
Dinner 18:00-23:00 (22:00 last order)

Lunch 11:20-15:00 (14:00 last order)

We believe pasta should be simple and fresh.
We use locally-grown produce and fresh olive oil
from Sicily and Kunisaki to provide a healthy and heartwarming
Oitalian experience to your table.


Sandwiches860Yen(Coffee)・Takeout 600Yen

Primo Course 1080Yen(Coffee)

Spaghetti or lasagna of the day
Served with a choice of soup or salad, bread, and drink

Bucio Course1500Yen

Pasta, meat, or fish of the day
Served with mixed antipasto, soup, bread, dessert, and a drink.

Full Course 2300Yen

Pasta and a choice of meat or fish of the day
Served with mixed antipasto, soup, bread, dessert, and a drink.

Dinner 18:00-23:00 (22:00 last order)
Service fee 300 yen

Pasta course

Pasta course2900 yen (3130yen with tax)
Served with bread and coffee

Bucio’s Degustation

Bucio’s Degustation3900yen (4210yen with tax)
Served with bread and coffee

Chef’s Special Menu

Chef’s Special Menu5400yen (5830yen incl. tax)
Served with bread and coffee



About us

Our humble beginning started when we saw that Oita was blessed with beautiful weather and fertile soil, with the ocean to its right and the lush mountains to its left. Such an environment only meant one thing – fresh, high-quality produce. By combining the availability of such produce alongside our Italian culinary expertise, we seized the opportunity to create what we now call “Oitalian” (Oita-Italian) food.

The Bucio family believes that food is life and life is food. We believe in the Japanese philosophy of natural seasonal flavours, utilising the freshest possible ingredients, under the mastery of Italian techniques. Oita’s fresh and healthy produce is a vital yet colourful palette to life – spring is bitter, summer is crisp, fall is rich, and winter is sweet. The array of high-quality local seasonal produce is itself a dominant factor in our creation of Oitalian food. Through Oitalian food, we seek to bring the produce to life and share its unique qualities to people all around the world.

In order to share and learn more about the Oitalian food experience, we have established a Cooking School, as well as a Catering Service. We maintain a strong relationship with the culinary world in Italy too, bridging the food gap between Oita and Italy. Oitalian is right here in Oita’s 5th Avenue. Yet we endeavour for Oitalian food to transcend the Seven Seas, inspiring others to develop their very own natural connection between food and life.

Osteria Bucio was established for this purpose of sharing the Oitalian experience. We are always waiting for you with a smile.

OsteriaBucio owner/chef / CEO
Emico Suga

Emiko was born in 1970 in Saitama, Japan. In her early 20s, she completely changed her life from being a truck driver to an Italian chef. She has since had international culinary experience in Italy, Tokyo and Oita.

She has worked as a cook in an hospital cooking healthy meals for patients, as a food advisor for “Ginza Matsuya Deli” in Tokyo, and as a Japanese food consultant for “Coconuts” in Rimini, Italy.

She moved to Oita in 2009 and in 2012, she opened Osteria Bucio, and conducts Sicily Olive Tours every year. In 2013, she established her company “Il Vento” under which Bucio, her catering service, and her cooking school are operated.

owner/chef Blog(AmebaBlog)
owner/chef Blog(AmebaBlog)